Artisan Business Group, Inc., a Central Illinois based international business services consulting firm, specializes in working with financial and investment companies including real estate developers, banks, wealth management firms, private equity firms, family offices, insurance companies and others to achieve their business and marketing goals and deliver real results through strategic collaborations, effective communication and risk management, and efficient facilitation.  The Artisan Business Group team has facilitated the alternative financing for over one billion dollars in various real estate, casinos, hotels, manufacturing, schools, and franchises projects in the U.S., China, Latin America and the Caribbean region.


Artisan Business Group, Inc., is founded by Mr. Brian Su. Mr. Su also serves as Chairman of Yingke Caribbean China Center in Puerto Rico; the center acts as a key business platform between companies in the U.S. and Asia.  YingKe is Asia's largest law firm headquartered in Beijing China.  In addition to legal services, YingKe Ecosystem provides tax and financial services, investment and private equity and investment, travel services, study-abroad and immigration services, real estate brokerage, TV media services,  and other services, with 67 offices in China. Artisan Business Group works closely with Yingke Ecosystm on a variety of projects throughout the world. Mr. Su is an international partner of Yingke Law Firm in Beijing.

Mr. Brian Su is available for speaking engagements for various Asia and China related topics.  Please inquire.

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