Young Chinese families show interest in EB-5 immigrant investor program

For last five years, Chinese investors have overwhelmed the EB-5 program and have resulted in tens of thousands of petitions. However, since last year there is a sharp decline of investors from China due to retrogression and tighter control of foreign exchange by Chinese government. It has been quite difficult for Chinese citizens to sign up EB-5 program as many investors would not be able to get their funds or path of fund verified as USCIS required. Instead of coming to the US, many investors have discovered their new interest in investing in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and other European countries.

Despite uncertainties around the EB-5 immigration investor program, some Chinese families with young children are still interested in investing in the program and setting up their children's education plan. Families with teenager are encouraging their teens to file EB-5 petitions on their own before Trump administration eventually closes door of the US, as many people believe that President Trump's immigration policy is not quite friendly to wealthy investors.

Since many US developers are turning their attention to markets of Vietnam, India, Taiwan and other countries, fewer US EB-5 projects are now available in the China market and fewer Chinese migration agencies are marketing them. EB-5 market in China is less crowded in 2018. To learn more about current status of EB-5 market, please contact us.


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