Chinese investors seek to invest in solid blockchain startups

Chinese investors are switching their investment interests from China’s falling stock market and real estate to silicon valley startups and blockchain companies worldwide. Blockchain investments are increasing in China while ICOs and virtual currency tradings are banned. Though Bitcoin price has been on the unstable track, it has not stopped Chinese investors’ investments in setting up new digital currency trading platforms, blockchain startups, even new bitcoin mining operations. Investors try to avoid regulatory risks by investing in international startups or setting up shops in foreign lands. Malta, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Central Asia, the US and Canada are all in their considerations.

While Chinese investors are seeking way out, local governments are also actively setting up new blockchain investment funds and startup incubators around the country to attract foreign technology startups by offering incentives, cheap apartments and free office rent, etc. So called innovation centers and technology incubators in the 2nd and 3rd tier cities in China are offering much greater incentives to attract young technology entrepreneurs both domestics and foreign, fintech, blockchain, IoT, AI, smart city technology are the hottest sectors.

If you are involved in solid blockchain startups, please send us an executive summary to, worldwide projects are welcome.

You are also welcome to discuss your opportunities with investors from China and other countries at the 2018 US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference in Los Angeles August 22. Apply promo code: final

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