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Mr. Brian Su, Artisan Business Group, Inc.

Brian Su

Unravel the complexities of Asian business, politics, and geopolitics with Brian Su, a renowned expert celebrated for his unparalleled understanding of Asian investments and wealth management. From the early days of US EB-5 immigrant investor programs to cutting-edge financing avenues like blockchain, RWA tokenization, cryptocurrency, and AI, Brian provides unmatched insights.

Brian's deep experience and rigorous research empower him to navigate the intricacies of Asian markets and geopolitics, formulating sound strategies for businesses and individuals. His exceptional ability to analyze and predict trends makes him an indispensable asset for those seeking success in the dynamic Asian landscape. Brian's captivating presentations have enthralled audiences at prestigious family office summits, business conferences, investment seminars, and educational workshops across the US, Singapore, Puerto Rico, China, and Japan, solidifying his reputation as an internationally recognized speaker.

To explore Brian's extensive profile and request his comprehensive bio, please contact us. (Based in Illinois, USA)

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Speaker Themes

  • Chinese HNWIs: From Real Estate Giants to Tech Pioneers
    Explore the shift in Chinese HNWI investments from dominating global real estate to embracing sectors like AI, pharma, blockchain, highlighting the blend of tradition with innovation in today's global investment landscape.

  • Asian Millennials in Wealth Management Embracing Digital & ESG Trends
    Explore the shift of Asia's young investors towards digital platforms and sustainable investments, merging modern values with traditional finance.

  • Asian HNWIs: From Traditional Investments to Emerging Trends
    Explore the changing landscape as they move beyond traditional investments, embracing trends like clean energy, AI, and sustainability. Witness how they blend tradition with innovation in the global investment scene.

  • Navigating Geopolitical Risks and Chinese Alienated Nationalism
    Assist U.S. businesses in the Indo-Pacific region with effective risk management strategies.

  • China's Anti-Espionage Law, Exit Ban, and Cross-Border Data Transfer Restrictions
    Delve into the intricacies of China's legal framework that impacts business operations and individual freedoms.

  • US-China-Taiwan Relations and the Future of Hong Kong: Impact on the Indo-China Supply Chain
    Explore the evolving ties among the US, China, and Taiwan, and the future of Hong Kong. Gauge how these shifts might impact the Indo-China supply chain and global businesses.

  • China's Rise, Economic Fluctuations, and Global Implications
    Discover the dual narrative of China's ascent in the global hierarchy and its economic downturn. Understand the critical takeaways for businesses, the underlying factors at play, and the wider repercussions on global trade and politics.

  • China's Political Evolution and China's Global Initiatives
    Explore China's economic and political metamorphosis over the past 40 years, spotlighting Deng Xiaoping's reforms. Dive into key initiatives like "Made in China 2025" and "The Belt and Road Initiative", understanding their global impact and the intricacies of China's relations with major global players. Grasp the broader implications for international business.

Engage with Brian Su: A Voice that Resonates Across Borders

Whether you represent a chamber of commerce, trade organization, political entity, investment seminar, or an educational institution, Mr. Brian Su brings both knowledge and hands-on experiences that illuminate the intricate business and political landscapes of China and other key Asian countries. Keen to elevate your event with practical insights from a seasoned expert? Discuss how Brian can tailor his vast expertise to align with your specific audience and objectives. Elevate your gathering with an international perspective. Reach out to us for potential collaboration avenues.

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