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Shaping Geostrategy: Mongolia at the Crossroads of Rare Earth Resources and Superpower Rivalry

As the global quest for rare earth minerals intensifies, the geographically strategic nation of Mongolia has found itself at a crossroads of international diplomacy and global economic interests. Embarking on a delicate balancing act, Mongolia seeks to leverage its abundant reserves of these critical resources to foster diplomatic ties, stimulate its economy, and assert its position on the world stage, while cautiously navigating the potential pitfalls of superpower rivalries. This article delves into Mongolia's warming relationship with the US, its careful balancing act between the US, China, and Russia, and the strategic implications of its abundant supply of rare earth minerals amid rising global demand. US-Mongolia Relationship and Rare Earths: The burgeoning cooperation between Mongolia and the US marks an important strategic move for both countries. From the US perspective, establishing a stronger relationship with Mongolia can provide an alternative source for rare earth minerals and copper, which are essential for various industries such as defense and technology, and even to achieve the Biden administration's climate goals. From Mongolia's perspective, this offers a chance to further develop their economy and secure the backing of a global superpower.

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