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Navigating the Future of U.S.-China Trade Relations: 5th Annual U.S.-China Trade Controls Conference

In the ever-evolving landscape of international trade, one event stands out as the quintessential forum for addressing the complexities of U.S.-China relations. We are thrilled to announce the participation in the 5th Annual U.S.-China Trade Controls Conference, hosted by ACI, set to take place on October 12–13 in the vibrant city of Washington, DC.

As geopolitical risks soar and strategic competition in advanced computing intensifies with China, the U.S. government is adopting a more robust approach to enforcing China export controls and economic sanctions. This heightened scrutiny demands greater interagency coordination, potentially exposing U.S. multinational companies to unseen compliance risks.

Amidst this dynamic environment, it is essential for businesses to walk a fine line in their engagement with China. As a vital U.S. business partner, China presents significant opportunities while navigating regulatory complexities.

Unraveling the Conundrum

The 5th Annual U.S.-China Trade Controls Conference offers an unparalleled platform to gain strategic guidance on updating compliance programs and mitigating heightened enforcement risks. Whether you are a seasoned compliance professional or new to the realm of trade controls, this event will equip you with invaluable insights to make informed decisions.

Fresh Perspectives on Critical Topics

Be prepared to delve into a series of fresh and timely topics, carefully curated to address the pressing challenges in U.S.-China trade relations:

  1. Supply Chain Resilience: Managing the Real-Life Business Impacts of the U.S. Advanced Computing and Semiconductor Rule.

  2. Navigating Tax Implications: Understanding State Tax Credits and Incentives Under the CHIPS and IRA Acts.

  3. Investment Restrictions: An Update on "Reverse CFIUS": U.S. Restrictions on Investment in Chinese High-Tech Firms and Startups.

  4. Compliance Integration: Integrating Export Controls, Sanctions, and Forced Labor Requirements for an Optimal Compliance Program.

  5. Cyber Security Focus: Dissecting BIS's Final "Cyber Rule" for Intrusion Software.

  6. Data Transfers and IP Protection: Managing Cross Border Technology and Data Transfers Under China CAC Requirements.

Early Rates Available - Reserve Your Spot Now!

Act swiftly to seize early registration rates. Join industry experts, compliance professionals, and decision-makers as they converge in the heart of Washington, DC, to unlock the future of U.S.-China trade relations.

Secure Your Seat

Register and pay before August 11, 2023, to reserve your spot at the in-person conference, priced at $1,995.00.

Be Part of the Conversation

Don't miss this invaluable opportunity to connect, learn, and engage with industry peers and regulatory experts. The 5th Annual U.S.-China Trade Controls Conference promises to be an enlightening and transformative event that will shape the trajectory of U.S.-China trade relations. Contact us for participation at

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